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How to create an email profile

On your Windows 10 PC, right-click on the Start button at the bottom left corner and choose Control panel from the pop-up menu. Type in and search for the Mail applet at the top right corner. You should find Mail in the search result. Click to open it.

Here you have the options to setup email accounts and directories, change settings for the files Outlook uses to store email messages and documents, setup and manage multiple profiles of e-mail accounts and data files. Click Show Profiles… button to open the Mail Profiles dialogue where all existing Outlook profiles will be listed.


Click Add button, type a name for the new Outlook profile, click OK button, then the Outlook Add Account dialogue show up. Here you can choose the Auto Account Setupor the Manual setup your email accounts.


Enable a default Outlook Profile

Go back to the Outlook Profile dialogue, you can see two options at the lower section. When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile:

  • Prompt for a profile to be used;
  • Always use this profile(with a profile selection list)

Enable the second option and select the new profile as the default Outlook profile